Call for housing sector HR to help benchmark benefits

12 March 2019

Housing HR professionals are urged to take part in a sector-wide survey, designed to compare how providers are attracting and retaining talent.

The Total Reward survey – run by EMA Consultancy, a company that provides recruitment, training and governance services to more than 200 housing providers each year – aims to give […]

Why attracting talent is a thorny issue

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, according to Romeo at least. But it seems a name or brand change does heavily impact on how candidates view potential employers.

Specialist recruiter and governance expert Anne Elliott of EMA has noted a significant […]

New Year, New Role, New You



New Year, New Role, New You?

As 2018 draws to a close many of us will personally be reflecting on the last year and considering what we achieved and what we could do better or more of in 2019. For many, this will include setting ourselves objectives to […]

Board New Year Health Check

New Year Health Check – 10 things to ask your Board 

As we enter 2019, we are presented with an opportunity to reflect on the past and plan for the future. After what is likely to have been a short break from their Non-Executive […]

Mind the gap?

Since we opened our office doors 12 years ago, we’ve helped some 100 people into their first Chief Executive role. With candidates from outside the sector now competing for top roles, we’re looking at the skills needed to sit at the helm of a housing provider.

What training and experience should current exec team members be […]

Housing Sector Pay Predictions for 2019/20

Pay in the housing sector will increase by an average of 2.3% in 2019/20, according to a survey of almost 40 housing organisations.

EMA Consultancy, which provides recruitment, training and governance services to more than 200 housing providers each year, found that the sector is planning to dish out rises which are less than the wage […]

Why are men over represented as board chairs

Why are men over represented as housing association board Chairs?

EMA examined the boards of 80 randomly selected housing associations and found women make up 37% of Board Members and only 32% of board Chairs are women, and this drops to a measly 20% of Chairs of the audit committee. (This is one of the […]

EMA releases the results of its 4th Total Reward Survey

Work-life balance improving in housing sector, our survey says…

Housing organisations now offer their employees a better work-life balance than ever before, according to a national survey published by EMA this week.

Our 2018 Total Rewards Survey is probably the most comprehensive source of information about pay and benefits in the sector, with more than 70 providers […]

EMA housing reward survey reveals sector is closing the gender pay gap

EMA housing reward survey reveals sector is closing the gender pay gap

Housing associations have almost closed the gender pay gap, according to a comprehensive survey on the pay and benefits offered to employees working in the sector carried out by leading consultancy EMA.

While woman are paid 18% less than men across British industry, and the […]

Retained Service (Governance)

Organisations face increasing pressure to ensure effective governance, and EMA are able to offer ongoing specialist support in this area.

Our retained service can be tailored to meet individual clients’ particular needs including providing interim support, delivering an annual governance plan of work, supporting new governance employees and giving confidential telephone/email advice.

A typical menu of services […]

Case study – Great partnership working achieves top-notch appointments

We were delighted to attract top quality candidates during a recent recruitment drive for the Accent Group. Working closely with the housing association’s team, we successfully recruited a new Chief Executive and five Board members.

After publicising the vacancies via various media, including the creation of a […]

Congratulations Lorna!

Well done to EMA Consultant Lorna Lee on recently being made an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Lorna completed her intermediate Level 5 Certificate in Human Resource Management in just nine months via a […]

Mergers – What can possibly go wrong? And how to make sure it doesn’t!

It is widely acknowledged that mergers often fail because of people and cultural issues. But are employers giving this enough thought soon enough?

A deeper analysis of the picture illustrates that it is not generally the regulation or structure issues that go wrong, it is the ‘people’ aspects. Getting this wrong affects staff morale, resulting in […]

Balancing affordability with quality staff

As the new financial year beckons, organisations are starting to consider what pay awards to offer their employees this April. In the midst of already challenging times for the social housing sector, we are now seeking to comprehend the full economic implications of Brexit and the potentially far-reaching changes being played out on the global […]

My New Year’s resolution is……?

It often used to be the case that the Christmas and New Year holiday gave people pause for thought about their current employment, so I would write articles giving advice on finding a new job. But the world has moved on and things are most certainly not what they were.

The break still gives people time […]

Gender pay gap reporting – are you ready?

On the 18th August 2016 the government issued a consultation on how they intend to roll out new mandatory equality reporting to larger public sector employers in England (arrangements for Wales and Scotland are devolved). This consultation closes on 30th September 2016.

Mandatory Gender Pay Gap Reporting – Public Sector Employers […]

EMA Total Reward Survey: Sector warned on risk of over reacting

EMA is warning against a knee jerk reaction to the current economic and political climate after an annual survey completed by housing associations revealed that the number making pay awards has dropped from 97% to 60%.

The 2016 Total Reward Survey, commissioned by EMA, shows that while the private sector has recorded […]

Get on board with Board evaluations

The board, its composition and evaluation of performance is central to corporate governance. Increased scrutiny by the regulator has recently focused on the activities of the Board and its committees, issuing over 65 governance rulings following downgrades over the last 40 month or so. Many of the downgrades have been due to the […]

Brexit: The implications for Governance and HR in Housing

Whilst the Brexit decision remains a surprise to many and will undoubtedly bring significant long-term change to our political, economic and cultural landscape, two months on since the vote and some of the implications for housing governance and HR are already becoming a little clearer.

So what are the main HR and […]

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Ten Tips from Ten Years

  1. We are better together

The benefits of a cohesive and supportive team should never be taken for granted. For a team to perform effectively every member must recognise and respect the different skills, experience and opinions of all other members. Whilst it won’t always be a smooth ride you are much more likely to […]

A Fresh Approach to Recruitment

At EMA we understand the pressures our clients face on a day-to-day basis and always work hard to find more effective solutions to help save them both time and money. One key discipline, which can help shape the future success of a business, but which often gets overlooked is recruitment.

Finding the […]

Your Guide to Good Governance

The value of good governance should never be underestimated – it has the power to enhance the reputation, prosperity and success of an organisation but more importantly to severely damage that same organisation if not effectively managed.  It is not something which can be achieved overnight or to which you can pay lip […]

Can all mergers be successful? taken from 24 housing

Public Sector Exit Payments

As part of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill 2014-2015, Regulations will be introduced in April 2016 to require public sector employees or office holders earning more than £100,000 p.a. to repay exit payments on a pro rata basis if they return to the same part of the public sector within 12 […]

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

On 11 February 2016 the Government published its response to the consultation on gender pay gap reporting together with draft regulations which they will consult on until 11 March 2016.

  1. It applies to those employers employing 250 as at 30 April each year. It appears to be limited to employees in separate legal entities, and so […]

Too efficient for good? – article from Inside Housing

Anne Elliott

Starbucks employee wins disability discrimination case

Meseret Kumulchew, a supervisor at Starbucks, successfully sued the company for disability discrimination after they accused her of falsifying records. Starbucks rejected her explanation that the discrepancies in her records were errors due to her dyslexia and as a result reduced Ms Kumulchew’s duties and told her that she needed to retrain. She told BBC News that their actions caused her such distress she considered taking her own life.

Whilst the precise details of the judgment are not yet clear, there are a number of important lessons that employers should take away from the headline:

There are important lessons for employers arising from the employment tribunal decision in the case of Meseret Kumulchew against her employer Starbucks. Firstly, it is an important reminder to all employers that employees with dyslexia can be classed as disabled pursuant to the provisions of the Equality Act 2010. Secondly, the case highlights the duty placed on all employers to make reasonable adjustments when dealing with staff with dyslexia. Thirdly, and more generally, it emphasises the need for employers to exercise a degree of caution and to carry out a thorough investigation when alleging dishonest or fraudulent behaviour on the part of an employee […]

Are we set for a significant change in the field of employment law in 2016?

Following last May’s election of the first majority Conservative Government in 18 years, it will be of no surprise that 2016 promises to be a year of significant change in the field of employment law. Whilst many of the changes coming into force have been in the pipeline since the time of the […]

EMA Recruitment Bulletin – August 2016

Appointment Bulletin