At EMA we understand the pressures our clients face on a day-to-day basis and always work hard to find more effective solutions to help save them both time and money. One key discipline, which can help shape the future success of a business, but which often gets overlooked is recruitment.

Finding the right candidates for your organisation should not be undervalued and will not happen by habitually using the same recruitment tactics. Effective recruitment requires fresh ideas, a flexible approach and a commitment to invest the required time in the preparation stages.

Firstly take significant time to think about what your real recruitment need is, and the necessary skills of any candidate, is. Is it a direct replacement for a person leaving the business? Is it an opportunity to evolve a role to better meet the needs of the organisation? Or is it a totally new position to help meet a clearly defined set of objectives?  Being totally clear about the answers to these questions, thinking about them in detail, is a vital step to recruitment success.

Once this has been clearly identified consider how best to reach this person. We work with our clients on solutions for a full range of recruitment channels, with a high proportion of recruitment campaigns now utilising paid search, digital advertising and social as more cost effective and successful routes to delivering successful applicants.

Next think about how best to market your organisation – recruitment is a two way process and is as much about your ability to portray your company in the best light as it is about the candidate convincing you of their abilities. Is your current information pack as good as it could be? Or do you need to spend a little time looking at both the content and the format? We are currently creating microsites for a number of our clients in order to deliver high quality information to candidates in the most effective and accessible way.

Finally, think more laterally about the interview process itself – could it work more flexibly to ensure you don’t lose quality candidates simply because they can’t attend a pre-determined date? Consider using Skype as an alternative to first round face-to-face meetings and think about who really needs to be involved at each stage to help reduce time pressures.

Anne Elliott