EMA recognises that the lack of skills and talent can be a major obstacle to bridging the gap between vision and delivery. Traditional selection methods are no longer good enough to spot or attract talent. It is therefore important to keep the processes of selection alive, sensitive and innovative rather than bureaucratic, unresponsive and staid. We are constantly introducing new measures to achieve this required ‘freshness’ of approach. However, we strongly believe excellent search techniques are at the heart of a successful selection campaign.

EMA Approach to Search:

This involves gaining a full understanding of the role on offer, the client’s business, its culture and the people with whom the successful candidate would work. From this information, we identify the most appropriate recruitment plan.
We produce a concise job specification and a profile of the ideal candidate and ensure client agreement. If required, we can assist on the structure of the role and the remuneration package necessary to attract the right person. We agree specific key questions designed to assess the competencies of candidates.
We use four key search techniques to identify a comprehensive selection of potential candidates : research, networking, advertising and database search. We have an extensive range of networks across different sectors.

Our search techniques are also used to attract a diverse group of applicants with the objective of giving clients the best choice possible. We would provide and/or agree with you with a confidential list of people to approach on your behalf.

We present a search report to our clients, which provides detailed information on who has been contacted through the search process, the reaction to the post and organisation.

Generally, top executives are already in challenging and satisfying jobs. We need to convince them that it is worth considering a move. For this reason, the first approach is always made by the consultant who has been fully briefed by the client.
Through carefully structured interviews, we assess candidates’ abilities and achievements as well as their present and potential management capabilities and most important, their “fit” with our client. We gain an understanding also of their aspirations and “drivers”.
Within 4-6 weeks, we submit a shortlist of candidates for the role, with a detailed profile on each, including sources’ and referees’ comments.
We manage the interview process between client and candidate and regard it as a key element of our remit to help negotiate a successful deal.
We carry out further reference checks on the successful candidate and check academic and professional qualifications at source.
We maintain regular contact with clients and successful candidates during the first year of appointment in order to help identify any problems so they can be addressed.
After every assignment, we issue clients and candidates with a feedback questionnaire aimed at measuring and improving our performance. Our philosophy is one of continuous improvement and highest quality standards.
We realise that clients may want help on part of the search and selection process, so we can provide the following as an inclusive or module basis:
  • Compiling candidate briefing papers including role profiles and competency specifications
  • Advising in relation to the remuneration package
  • Managing and proactively promoting the employer brand
  • Preparing and agreeing the advertisement copy and design
  • Placing the advertisement to achieve premium placements
  • Placing the advertisement and job briefing papers on our executive selection website, thereby affording potential applicants to download information immediately
  • Comprehensive search techniques
  • Issuing the briefing papers to applicants within one working day of the request
  • Receiving completed applications and conducting an initial long-listing exercise
  • Meeting with clients to agree the recommended long list and conducting screening interviews
  • Devising an appropriate selection framework and agreeing the format of competency based assessment centres
  • Undertaking competency based assessment centres including technical assessment, psychometric skills testing and personality profiling
  • Preparing candidate reports from the assessment centre, highlighting key areas for further exploration
  • Arranging and devising a final selection process and joining the selection panel
  • Reference checks and review of current organisation performance
  • Liaising with all applicants throughout the process on your behalf as appropriate – which includes all administration and extensive feedback to candidates at all stages
leadership_2010EMA has a firm commitment to Equality and Diversity and the search and selection processes we are involved in. EMA is leading on a National Housing Federation Leadership 2010 project to bring other consultancies in the housing sector together to agree to a set of principles and a code to enhance their and the sector commitment to Leadership 2010.

To download the Recruitment Consultancy Code of Conduct, click here. Our HR consultancy team has participated in a variety of conferences speaking on topics such as ‘Breaking the Glass Ceiling’. We are able to advise our clients on the benefits and costs of advertising in a wide range of recruitment publications specifically aimed at BME candidates.

We are also able to utilise our large and developed networks to encourage applicants from a wide range of backgrounds. We use candidate search to assist the development of quality candidate lists, which includes using our skills to provide an organisation with the broadest group of applicants possible. We are doing everything within our reach to increase the number of women and BME candidates on our short lists. To attract a higher number of women and BME candidates we are continually developing our large network of potential applicants.

We have developed a specific headhunting database of high quality candidates which we are able to use to develop the numbers applying and we will also carry out a more general search for high calibre individuals.

EMA seeks to build a relationship with each candidate to ensure that they are comfortable with the process, that they are able to speak to the lead consultant about the role and assessment, including feedback on their performance, and that administratively they are always clear about ‘what happens next’. We pride ourselves on the positive feedback we receive from candidates who have undergone the recruitment process with us.
Given the increasingly critical need for organisations to accurately assess talent potential, many opt for Assessment Centres as the most effective method of predicting future behaviour. EMA has developed a comprehensive yet fast-paced approach to Assessment Centres that maximises the value, both in terms of quality and costs, to our clients. Key benefits include our proven process, rapid turnaround time, skilled assessors, actionable reports, dedicated location and innovative intellectual capital. Additionally, EMA can train your people as internal assessors, developing a key internal capability and reducing ongoing costs.
  • Assessment is made through job simulation exercises, psychometric assessment, competency-related talent assessment interviewing and a range of specific job-related metrics.
  • Centres are run for one person as well as for larger groups.
  • EMA centres are run in our offices, on-site at an organisation’s own premises or offsite at selected venues. We are happy to engage in all or a part of the centre design and delivery process and are comfortable working in joint assessor teams with organisation-supplied assessors. Contact us about Executive Search & Selection here