1. We are better together

The benefits of a cohesive and supportive team should never be taken for granted. For a team to perform effectively every member must recognise and respect the different skills, experience and opinions of all other members. Whilst it won’t always be a smooth ride you are much more likely to achieve the all-important goal of delivering the best service and value for your customers if you work as one.

  1. Diversity is key

When building a business it is easy to surround yourself with like-minded people. Instead, break out of your comfort zone and actively look for team members who complement rather than mirror existing personalities. Taking this approach helps create total clarity which is vital to recruitment success.

  1. Take a proactive approach to problems

If something isn’t working properly or there is an issue don’t procrastinate, make sure you address it quickly. Act in a calm and considered manner but be proactive and decisive in order to resolve any problems as amicably as possible.

  1. You’re always learning

Ensure you always remain open to new ideas, views and different ways of doing things. To stay one step ahead you need to recognise the need for change, open your mind to new solutions and learn from past successes but more importantly failures. Life is a journey of continuous learning.

  1. Build long-term partnerships

Recognise what customers want from a consultancy – long-term partners who understand their business, their objectives and how to add value.

  1. Be honest

Whether internally or externally, be honest. You are much more likely to gain respect and trust if you put your hands up to a mistake and can make proactive suggestions on how to put things right.

  1. Challenge the status quo

Asking for guidance or counsel from an independent source can be a positive way to challenge the status quo or help you to consider a new solution or approach.

  1. Seek out the positives

In any situation, however bleak there is always opportunity. Take the recession for example. Whilst undoubtedly a challenging time for any business it makes you think more carefully about operating policies and the importance of efficiency helping you to develop an agile and resilient team.

  1. Wellbeing isn’t just a word

It should be a commitment you make to yourself and your team. The day-to-day pressures of work mean it is easy to lose perspective, but without a positive balance between work and home life it won’t be long before your performance becomes compromised.

  1. Aspire to lead by example

Whether it is a commitment to quality or an approach to equality, make sure your team understand the company values and that you provide a clear example for them to follow.

Anne Elliott